Roland Esquivias at the last Meet the Candidates for the Hercules City Council on September 18,2016!

Get to Know Roland Esquivias Views
Affordable Housing:
Hercules City accommodates its citizens to have access to affordable housing especially seniors and low to medium income families. However, a portion on new housing developments should be offered as an affordable housing units that will cater to professionals who are not getting the compensation that they deserve like teachers and city staff workers.

Environmental Issues:
Hercules City is going through a lot of developments. However, these buildings should be energy efficient and sustainably renewable. Together with the new housing development, I will proactively reach out to the developers on utilizing solar panels as a new source of a clean, safe and sustianable energy resource.

Traffic and infrastructure related issues:
Hercules City promotes a fiscally strong future by focusing on infrastructure improvements and developments through road improvement of aging infrastructure, parks and recreation upgrade.

Through Education let us mxaximize the potential of our students. More importantly, Identify solutions that concerns of both the students and the parents.