I am running to be your council member because I would like to give back to the community my expertise, passion, and knowledge. I believe that with my experience working for the State of California for the past 20+ years gave me a strong grasp on the wide range of issues that we have today from governance, consumer protection, education, health, energy efficiency, and safety. I am currently working for the Public Utilities Commission and I am retiring this coming December 2016 which will definitely give me more time to focus my energy working for the city.

As a business advocate, I had the opportunity to work with local, state, and federal agencies, diverse business organizations, and chambers of commerce. I served as a facilitator and a liaison to these groups to accomplish forging relationships and building rapport so that these entities can do business with each other accomplishing their individual and specific goals and objectives.

As a consumer advocate, I worked with different local governments, neighborhood associations, community based organizations, senior centers, and our veterans. I introduced programs that are focused on the low-income, underserved, and senior communities. I worked and coordinated efforts with different agencies to identify areas of improvement resulting in policy recommendations for these communities.
If elected to serve as your council member, I will build on these experiences to work for a financially stable and safe environment that is vibrant and sustainable.

I am looking forward to your endorsement on my Facebook page to raise awareness of my campaign. More importantly, your VOTE this coming November 8th for the City Council of Hercules that will give me the opportunity to roll my sleeves up and truly work my very best. Please remember that I have more time for this city to make a difference. Hercules, let’s make a difference!

Roland Esquivias