Roland EsquiviasRoland Esquivias was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. He finished his Bachelors of Science in General and Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas. He has been working with the State of California for the past 20+ years and currently working with the California Public Utilities Commission as a regulatory analyst.

Roland found out that there are 3 positions opened in the council and considered this as a sign on what to do next as he has been thinking to retire in 2017. From then on, he decided to run to give back to the community his knowledge and expertise in customer protection, economic and environmental stewardship, safety and sustainability.

Roland on Safety
Roland was brought up in a closely knit family. According to him, he remembered when he was in grade school that he cannot get out of their front gates after 6pm. When he was in College, he has to call the house if he was running late and will be home after 10 pm. Roland was brought up with a strict house rules and safety that was instilled by his father. Growing up, he was trained to make sure lines of communication are open during emergencies, to look after one another, and be prepared always. These value systems instilled by his family are still applicable to the ideals of emergency response and vigilance in our communities.

Roland on Sustainability
When Roland arrived here in the United States, he was introduced in the concept of recycling which is totally new to him at that time. As he got into practice of doing recycling, it opened his eyes to the different efforts one can do to make an effort to be kind to our planet.

Roland on Service
Hercules is a beautiful city that features a clean, safe and family oriented place but lacks the amenities for fun and entertainment. It is now going through major developments that will bring economic prosperity and sustainability.

He is very excited if elected as a council member, to be given the opportunity to move Hercules as a place for family and fun. Roland envisions Hercules City to be a model of environmental stewardship and strong economy.